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Restoring Vitality with New Spa Indulgences at Rix

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  • 2019, 17 أبريل
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The ultra-all-inclusive Rixos Bab Al Bahr is bringing the best of tranquil serenity to Anjana Spa with the debut of its summer wellness promotions. Designed to add a layer of rejuvenation to the spa experience, the new packages will quickly become your favourite indulgence with its inspiring selection of bespoke, deeply relaxing, treatments. Anjana Spa is the perfect place for guests to try the age-old Turkish bath tradition at its authentic and decadent Hammam. For only AED 380, embark on a sensual Ottoman journey that takes your senses through the ancient healing philosophies of the Sultans. The body is cleansed with traditional Moroccan black soap followed by a deep soak exfoliation using a kesse glove. For a detoxifying end to this journey, your body is cocooned in a soothing Ghassoul mask infused with clay sourced from the Atlas mountains. This 55-minute treatment is for those seeking a combination of detoxification, cleansing and relaxation of the body, mind and soul. Embrace the centuries old tradition of aromatherapy and thermotherapy with the Anjana Spa signature massage that combines time tested natural ingredients, with warm therapeutic products. Taking self care to the next level, this journey imbues the healing properties of heat to revive collagen tissues, decrease joint stiffness, reduce pain, relieve muscle spasms, reduce inflammation and oedema, and aids in boosting blood flow to the affected areas. The 55-minute massage is priced at AED 350. Your skin will thank you after revelling in Anjana Spa’s 55-minute facial treatment by Themae. The intense, high-performance therapy combines modern day collagen masks with ancient kneading acupuncture movements that targets fine wrinkles and pigmentation. The second step of this indulgent process comprises of the revitalization and relaxation of the skin with a targeted, deep cleanse peel that restores the natural luminosity of the skin replete with a golden, youthful glow. This deluxe treatment designed exclusively for Anjana Spa is specifically targeted to suit your skin type, alleviates stress and fatigue with the deep tissue rubdowns, and will leave your senses feeling soothed while also visibly reducing signs of ageing. The 360- degree facial treatment is priced at a valuable AED 350. For more information, contact +971 7 202 0000, rhrkt.spa@rixos.com or visit babalbahr.rixos.com

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